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Does the Content Filter support phrase negation regex?

Concept: Prevent malware from entering the Enterprise via a tainted link of unknown origin

Desired functionality:

The ability to allow IMs within a host/domain to allow URLs to be passed back and forth; external conversations through gateways and to other XMPP servers would blacklist URLs.

Functionality I’'d settle for:

Using the content filter to disallow the utilization of URLs that don’'t match a trusted list of URLs

What I haven’'t been able to figure out is how to do something like:

If the content matches on http://…

… and if the URL is NOT http://www.google.com

… and if the URL is NOT http://www.yahoo.com


Functionality I’'d probably be ok with as well:

Removing the auto-hyperlinking of URLs

The content filter is based on positive matching so you could certainly match on some URLs and ensure they are filtered.

It does not currently have the concept of white listed content.

If people think that would be generally useful, let me know.