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Does the default configuration of spark/openfire use encryption by default?

We have wildfire (currently 3.2.2) running in our organization, and I was wondering if the padlock at the bottom of my spark client means that it is communicating securely or if I have to follow the procedures described in the guide for obtaining a new certificate. I have done some packet sniffing and I don’'t see anything being sent in clear text, but I wanted to be sure =)


Hey runelind,

After the initial setup process has been completed the server will create new certificates for the xmpp domain hosted by the server. Note that the new domains are self-signed so some clients may reject them. Based on my test with different xmpp clients I see that most (if not all) accepted self-signed certs although one or two raised a warning dialog and asked the user if he wanted to accept the cert.

Having said that, TLS is optional by default so most Spark will encrypt the connection. Spark will also accept self-signed certs and that is why you see the lock icon in Spark. From the admin console of the server you can also check which sessions are using encryption and which not.