Does the Import Plugin Work with a MySQL backend?

Hi everyone, I’m migrating to OF 3.7 with AD integration and a MySQL backend. I’m trying to automate Rosters for all of our users, (Everyone should see everyone by default), and am having a heck of a time. I’ve solved the import format issues when starting with an export of an ad backed user list (the extra field in the xml…)

I see for each time the import is run, more rows getting added to the ofRoster Table, but the users don’t show up in the messanger software (Adium). When I manually add to the roster via the OF Control panel, I see a similar line getting added to ofRoster, and then an update on the ofID table and an Audit table insert, and the contact pops up on my buddy list.

Does the importer simply not work with a mysql backend properly? Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Joe,

The plugin uses the same API that the Admin Console uses for adding users so there shouldn’t be any reason why it shouldn’t work with MySQL or any of the other databases Openfire supports. Are you seeing error or info messages in the Openfire log files? If you import the sample xml file from the plugin readme does everything work properly?