Does the openfire support qq now?

I used the openfire version 3.6.0.alpha and configured the QQ gateway, but when I try to sign in QQ by clicking the QQ button, there is no response. and the message displayed in the server console indicated that the QQ is unavailable. Who can tell me how to configure the openfire to make QQ work well?

Thanks in advance

What QQ button are you referring to? You may have better luck in the IM Gateway Support forum as this is not a direct Openfire feature, but rather that of the IM Gateway plugin. A couple of other folk are using the QQ transport now, so they may be able to help. I’m not really following what is occurring at the moment so if you could elaborate a bit I might be able to help.

I try my best to explain my problem in detail. I want to use the QQ transport in the openfire. the server I used is openfire 3.5.1. and I have installed the gateway plugins. and in the admin console, I have selected QQ gateway. the QQ server I choosed is the default one: the client I used is the source code checked out from SVN (May 4th). I can see the icon in the Spark panel, but when I try to register a QQ number, I got no response from the client side and the message in the server side said that <presence type=“unavailabe” to “lys@hust” from “qq.hust”> (lys is my account , hust is the server) . Since Tecent QQ changes their protocol frequently to prevent third party connecting to their server, so I’m wondering whether the QQ gateway for openfire is still available for QQ server.

I’m not sure whether the server address of QQ is important. I tested “” and the connection failed. and I try to use another address, the connection test successed but I still get the above problem.

I want to debug the QQ transport in the openfire project in eclipse, but the gateway is provided as a jar package, so I don’t know whether there is a method to debug gateway in the openfire project?

Thanks for your help.