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Does the user import/export plugin support AD synching?

My office uses both Openfire and Active Directory. For reasons outside of my paygrade, they did not opt for using the AD server as the means of authentication for the Openfire server. There has been some discussion, however, in the past month or so about attempting to fix this. So I’m wondering:

  1. If we simply wanted to leave things as they are, but make sure that certain info (specifically credentials) are always in sync with the AD, can just that data be imported from the AD to the current setup? One concern is that if we switch to AD, any current profile settings would be lost (or even if we just tried to import the passwords, etc.)
  2. If we wanted to leave things as they are, but use the AD for any NEW users, can we simply import that user from the AD (where they are already set up before the user’s first day) to the OpenFire server (which normally gets set up manually weeks later). This would at least give some amount of integration between the two servers.
  3. If we want to switch to direct integration with the AD, can the Import/Export tool be used to ensure that any current users are synced with the AD rather than wiped out?

Thanks for the help.

Import/Export plugin works only with Openfire database and cant do anything with AD.

  1. There is no built in method to do this type of sync. I highly doubt it is even possible.
  2. This cannot be don at this point. It is either LDAP or local for authentication. No mixed mode.
  3. I doubt this would work. The accounts would be different. The plugin would not easily if at all match up the data.