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Does wildfire2.5.1 support linjingle for audio chat?

hi ,

i am developing a messenger in which Wildfire is server and JBother is client.

now i want to add audio chat and i found libjingle support it.

so plz can you guide me in what way i can use libjingle.

plz if you have any other alternative of libjingle to implement audio chat then guide me

does wildfire version made matter in my case?

thank you


Matt(Developer here) has told me that they can integrate libjingle easily into Spark (Free Jabber client from Jivesoftware) but they still didn’‘t know how to make use of libjingle with WildFire yet. I don’'t know anyother clients that use libjingle right now.



Hi wmhtet

From what I understood (may be wrong) libjingle is written in c/c++ If integrate with Spark do they (Matt) intend to use JNI? Any Java port of libjingle?




I should have stated IIRC, here is the thread what Matt has told me. So my statement is a bit out of the line now that you have asked more specifically.




Hi Ravin,

they already use a lot of JNI, otherwise there would be no TNA icon. Using JNI is not the problem, compiling the c++ classes for all operating systems will be the hard thing.

In my opinion the Java Media Framework would be a much better choice, so I’'m still waiting to see if they get the c++ stuff compiled



you told that JMF will good but as i have knowledge abt JMF it is work on IP address and thats why it will not work under proxy n/w.

if my thinking is wrong or you have any alternative than plz guide me

thanks again


JMF and the Windows Media Encoder/Player have both the problem of no real proxy support. I’‘m interested for a LAN solution so I don’'t care about missing proxy support. However there are transparent proxy or VPN solutions available to solve this problem.