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Does your JID have to equal username + servername?


I’‘m using LDAP Active Directory authentication and it’'s working well. However, I currently login to Openfire using my AD username (SAMAccountName).

This works well, but ideally I don’'t want to expose my users usernames to external people but would like s2s for other Internet based xmpp servers.

So, I’'d like users email address to be the same as their mail attribute in the directory and their login as SAMAccountName. Is that possible?

Failing that, I’'d like their login and their JID to be the same as their mail address. Is that possible?

If you set their username to be the same as their mail attribute such as me@here.com and the server name as here.com I end up with a JID of me@here.com@here.com.

I hope some of that made sense!

thanks all,