*@domain.com has removed you from his or her contact list

We are running Wildfire Server 3.1.1 and we have use Pandion as our clients. I have created 7 different groups and we have been running this server for almost a year without a problem. People in the organization are changing positions and I have changed their groups. Now, when people in the organization log into Wildfire through Pandion an error message comes up saying “*@domain.com has removed you from his or her contact list”. This message comes up for each user and in very annoying. Has anyone experienced this and is there a fix. Any help would be appreciated.


We have the exaclty same problem too.

One alternative solution is delete admin user.Before that, you must modify the wilfire.xml to give console access to other user ( by default, only the user with username “admin” is allowed to login).

You must add the property “”

You can also find this info in the “Custom Database Integration Guide” in the Wildfire 3,1,1 documentation section.

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We too, are experiencing the same problem. We are running Wildfire Server 3.1.0 and are using Pandion for about 50 or so clients, using LDAP and Active Directory for user and group management (with SSO). There are 12 contact groups, which of course are pulled from AD group memberships. One of our admins made a change by deleting a group and moving users to a new one (which wasn’‘t shared in Wildfire). This problem started when I shared the new groups. I have tried the second suggestion here, deleting the admin user, by adding a new temp AD user, making them admin, removing and resharing all the contact groups, changing the admin user back again and then deleting the temp AD user. The problem persists. I have managed to silence it on my own client by repeatedly ‘‘unsharing’’ and ‘‘resharing’’ the groups containing the users mentioned in the error messages and they no longer appear when I log in. That doesn’'t help the other 49 clients apparently.

Does anyone have a definate solution to this issue?

Glad to see this post. Kudos for starting the thread. I have had this issue since Wildfire 2.4, which has been a while. We run Wildfire w/ AD integration. Pandion is the client. It began when I removed several user accounts. The users left the company so they were removed. And now everyone receives the message *@domain.com has removed you from his or her contact list, every time they log in. I have created, removed, updated etc… since this began and the problem persists, but can not be recreated by removing other accounts. I’'m not sure what caused it. But it happens with three users that I removed on the exact same day.

I tried the fix listed above with the admin account, but the notification is still displayed. We don’'t pull groups from AD, rather everyone is manually put into one group through the Wildfire admin interface.

Thanks, in advance for your help.

I´m sorry because I was not clear and misunderstood the original post.

Our problem was limited to the user “admin” only.We use a new Wildfire 3.1.1 installation and Pandion as clients.We created 5 groups and 30 users.At that moment, all users were shown in a “contact” default group.Then we separated users in their assignated groups and left user Admin without group assignation.

At that presice moment, we started to receive the message “admin@ourdomain has removed you from his or her contact list” at every user logon. So, I tried to solve that by moving user Admin to one group and again to any group, but the message persisted. I restarted the server several times, but none of those actions fixed the problem.

So, I deleted the user “Admin” and the message dissapeared.