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Domainname of server for JID


Is it possible to specify somewhere in the configuration which domain the server should have?

To add a user to the roster, username@domain has to be used. In our case the server has an internal name, which is not known at the outside. So nobody can add a contact(because they dont know that name)

thx, Chris

You can adjust the server name in the Server Manager, under ‘‘Server Settings’’ (hit the ‘‘Edit Properties’’ button first), but I’‘m not sure if that’'s what you looking for. How would an outside user connect to your server if it has no DNS name?

Now I feel a bit stupid to have overlooked that button. I am not used to edit anything in a web console anymore, too much config file hacking…

Oh, it has a DNS name, but this is only an internal name, which cannot be accessed/be known outside our intranet. From outside you access only our firewall.