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Don''t automatically add new contacts from transports?


since I switched with my Jabber account to Wildfire and current PyICQ-t and PyMSN-t transports yesterday, I’‘m getting a lot of messages and contact requests from ICQ and MSN that I didn’'t get before. And every time I log in, I get the same authorisation requests again and again. And each time, that jid is added to my roster so I have to show offline contacts, find the unwanted jids and remove them.

Is there any way to get rid of that? An intelligent spam filter that just doesn’'t do those things? Or is this actually a transport issue? Could privacy lists help me with this, assumed my client would support that?

Hey Pixel,

Which client are you using? Are you accepting the presence subscription requests? My initial guess is that this is a client (most probably) or transport issue. Checking out the exchanged packets between the client and the server will help us figure out where the problem is.


– Gato

Sorry for my late reply. Is there any notification feature here?

Anyway, I’‘m using Psi 0.9.3. The Psi guys directed me to the Jabber server. Psi wouldn’‘t do that. When I manage to install a privacy list, the presence is blocked and the contact isn’‘t added. But my old Psi cannot activate privacy lists on its own so that this doesn’'t really help me out.

To eliminate client/server in this, have you attempted to run another client? Gaim, Soapbox, or JAJC could provide you with insight if it is client or not. if you can run one of those and accept without another go round on restart of any client, then you have it figured out. The Psi client you are using is a couple of Revs down, maybe it’'s there…

Also, what are your permissions on the pyMSNt locations?


Okay, gonna find some other clients. Currently my jabber server is dead. When it’'s alive again, I need to get MSN let me in again. And then, I need to get that request again.

What do you mean with “permissions on the pyMSNt locations”?

Permissions for the pymsnt locations where you have the .pid and the msn.magicwww.domain.com folder. this is where everyone’'s contacts and account info are written for pymsnt. when you start the componant the permissions should be the account name needed to start the instance (pymsnt).


Permissions on PyMSN/ICQt spool dirs are correct. (Everything set to jabber, which is running the processes.)

I now very strong believe that Wildfire does this on its very own. I found a contact in my list today with no subscription. I never received an auth request, it’'s from the Jabber network. Psi never showed me anything from this contact (and my Psi cannot filter/block anything on its own), it was just there. How can that be? How can anybody put himself on my contact list without my request? Also the MSN contact was there again. I removed it, my privacy list against any communication from that jid is enabled and active. I never got an auth request from that MSN contact again, but it was also there today. So please do not put anything on my roster that I did not explicitly put there myself. This is my private roster, not a public drop box.

Anyone interested in this?

Guess I’'ll have to do it alone.