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Don't get fastpath working


i want to install a webchat appliance for customer support and understand that i can use openfire + fastpath + webchat.war + any xmpp-based client. Please correct me if im wrong.

I installed openfire, fastpath and webchat application under tomcat and i followed the quick start quide,

but i don’t understand why my workgroup don’t get ready. In the summary i see it always for “Waiting for member”. I don’t see any error…

The webchat application shows the demo workgroup as offline, but i be able to connect to the groupchat demo. Its weird…

I hope you can help me.


Are you connecting to the group chatroom created or to the que? In the fastpath tab in the openfire console you should add your user to the list of agents. Then restart spark. There should be a tab at the bottom of spark that says fast path. If not you will have to get the plugin in spark.


thanks for reply! Actually i using PSI Agent to connect to the workgroup-demo which is preinstalled by fastpath. Do i have to use spark?

I guess the linux tar.gz of spark is broken? unpack200 is missing…

As far as I know you do. Fastpast works through a plugin on the openfire sever as well as in Spark. Thought it’s communication is done through conference chatrooms. The functionality of finding an availible agent and for agents to join a particular queue is done through the plugin in spark.

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Okay thanks.

i installed spark now: “dpkg -i spark_2.6.3.12555-2_amd64.deb” and im connected within fastpath.

The overview shows that the demo channel is open now - great! I have a few errors, but it finaly work with spark!