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Don''t receive messages from ICQ


I can’'t receive messages from ICQ network.

Messages that I sent are delivered to icq 2003b build#3916

But message sent from “icq 2003b build#3916” dont delivered.

(but I see that if message sent when SPARK is offline when I login I receive message from some ICQ 2003b build#3916)

From trillian messeges delivered when SPARK online

Installed: wildfire_3_2_2, last gateway plugin.

clients affected:

spark 2.0.8

spark 2.5.0 beta 3

Please help… !

Hrm. I think I missed the part that actually did the work in beta 8. Would you mind trying the attached version and telling me if it fixes your issues receiving messages from icq 2003?
gateway.jar (952292 Bytes)

Stiil nothing.

messages from “Icq 2003a” delivered ok.

but with “icq 2003b” still not received messages.

to “icq 2003a” is OK.

from “icq 2003b” is BAD.

but in “SPARK” contact list I see writing icon on people who try send me message from “icq 2003b”

and icon show constantly.

In addition.

  1. If I Offline and people send me 2,3,5 messages to offline, when I login I see only first message.

Other message not delivered.

  1. If I Offline and people send me Cyrillic encoded message to offline, when I login I see only first message and I not see correct letters I see like “??? ??? ? ??”

If I online - Cyrillic encoded message from “Icq 2003a” and to “Icq 2003a” worked fine.

in gateway options used “windows-1251” encoding.

please fix this bugs


GATE-195, GATE-186, and GATE-196