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Dont show affirm dialog

When I add a friend to my roster, i want to hide the 2 affirm dialog,

the friend be added directly into my roster, how did i do?

Did i must change the server code, or only fix client routine?

give me a help! tks

my JiveMessenger Version: 2.0.1

my Client: Exodus

regards, tks

Elizabeth Arden


Hey Elizabeth,

The XMPP protocol is all about XML stanzas. It’'s up to the client to decide what should be done when the XML stanzas are received.

In the roster case, Exodus opens a dialog to let the user decide the action to take. I don’'t think that you can configure Exodus so that the dialog does not appear. If you need to “program” custom logic in your client you may need a client library such as url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/smack/Smack[/url] instead of a regular client such as Exodus.


– Gato

Hi, Gaston

But if i only want to change Jive Messenger Source Code to carry my point, can you give me some advice?

I want to get this: if JiveMessenger get a request, server directly add the friend into roster each other, and update roster. Client will see the friend online.

The problem crazy me…




IMHO, you shouldn’‘t change the server’‘s code. Your requirement will violate the XMPP spec. I think that the best way to go is to use a client that let’‘s you customize the popup dialog. I don’‘t know much about JBother but since it’'s built on top of Smack you may easily do that change. Besides, changing the server will imply that you will not be able to replace it easily since your branch will not be standard. Even more, you will have to update the server by your own when new versions come out.

Having said all that (big disclaimer) , if you still want to do that change on the server you will need to look at org.jivesoftware.messenger.roster.Roster#provideRosterItem(JID, String, List).


– Gato

Thank you very much!

I will try…