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Double Buddies in Pidgin after update

I have an Openfire server that has been running 3.4.3 in our IT dept. quite happily. Our users use Pidgin as a client and they are all in shared contact list groups so they don’t have to search for one another.

Today, I updated to 3.4.5 and reconnected with Pidgin but everyone in my buddy list has been replicated. Only one of the two buddies goes online when others do, etc. so it seems like Openfire pushed out a slightly different buddy to everyone’s list. I’ve deleted all my buddies, reconnected to the server and everything’s normal again. Any idea why this happens? ARE the users slightly different after the update?

Answered my own question, I think. My server’s hostname is tardis but we use xmpp as an alias for the XMPP clients. I think the certificates took the hostname I botched everything up myself. Thanks to all the viewers.