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Double Web Instances

Hi guyz. Newbie here. I got a problem on the Web Administration for Wildfire. The problem is why do i need to login and logout twice?? It’'s like whenever i login i need to type in the password twice to get into the administration site. If i want to logou i need to press the logout twice too. Any idea guyz?? Thank You.


I had a similar issue. If you use mysql I´ve managed to track the issue to the timeouts on my.cnf.

Try to change them and see if resolves your problem.

hi man! Yeah i’'m using mysql database. Which timeout options in my.conf that i need to change? btw thank you


i´ve reported this in http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/message.jspa?messageID=110817#110817.

I still didn´t get the change not the time to actually get which one was causing it.

Nobody seemed to care by the time. I´m using wildfire 2.4.4. and don´t know if this behaviour remains.

If you manage to understand what setting is causing this, please report