Download of nightly Bamboo build


is there any chance to download the latest build of Spark on teh Bamboo site for the windows plattform? I can offer some testing for that.



I have already replied about this in this thread Cstux has to answer is it possible or not.

Hi Walter,

I talked with cstux last week about this and he’ll let me know when there are bamboo artifacts ready to ship to the website.


The nightly build is working now. The filename is not optimal (spark_2_6_0_11392.exe), as it does not reflect correctly the revision of the build.

Hi Walter,

Sorry, is this directed at me? What would you like for me to fix?


Indeed the name is misleading. It should be just Spark 2.6.0, because i think bamboo doesn’t “know” what revision it is building.

The 11392 must be hardcoded somewhere, as it’s also shown as part of the uninstall string in windows (it reads something like “Spark” with the latest build).

Hi Daryl, well not really. But it might be helpful to have a link to the nightly builds from the Download Beta page.