Drag and Drop

Apparently Drag and Drop of documents does not work in V. 2.6.0…

be more specific please

guides to successfull bug reporting:

  • What were you doing?

  • What were you expecting?

  • How to reproduce

  • System Specifications

Sorry about that.

-What were you doing?

Well I was trying to click on a pdf file and drag it to the chat box I wanted to send the file to and it did not work in V. 2.6

-What were you expecting?

I was expecting that the file would drop into the text bo below the chat box and I can hit send to send the file to the user I was talking to on the other end

-How to reproduce?

Just try sending a file to another user by clicking on a file and dragging it to the chat box and see if it sends

-System Specs?

Window 7

Dell XPS M1730 with all the trimmings

cannot reproduce

check my video, maybe your doing it wrong?

in the video i selected vlc-1.1.9-win32.exe and dragged it in the window next to it


deleted video

you know what it was… I didn’t restart after installing… duuuhhh… thanks!