Dreamhost users can vote for Wildfire!

Dreamhost (http://dreamhost.com) is a popular, feature-rich, shared web host. Apparently someone suggested they switch their service to use Wildfire instead of (maybe an option?) of their current Jabber IM server. Anyways, dreamhost users interested in this can vote for Wildfire here. https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=home.sugg

It could be an interesting test case for Wildfire’'s scalability and (future?) multiple domain support.

Note: I didn’'t submit this suggestion to dreamhost but I did submit the two requests regarding adding IPv6 support to their plans. Any votes for that would be much appreciated. Wildfire and smack work great with IPv6 in my (limited) experience!

Eh, I gave it my five points.

But i don’‘t see it happening anytime soon with wildfire’'s lack virtual domain support, unless everyone wants there JID to be name@dreamhost.com.