Dual homes worries


My WF 3.1.0 is dualhomed with an official 213.xxx.xxx.xxx at the outside as well as an 192.33.xx.xx on the inside.

For whatever reason File Transfers between two guys who are both on the inside work only at the second try, so the first gets me an error “unable to send” and when I click “retry” it works immediately.

This is a scetch of the last part

As you see, I changed some info to get some privacy. Interesting fact is, that I always get the external IP, although bpth clients resolve the hostname to its internal IP because of an INTERNAL DNS server.

Also I have this very INTERNAL IP mentioned in the WF setup und “port of the server”

This is not a killer as it works in general but it just always needs a second try, which is ugly…




Any takers?

Thanks in advance


This is rather curious. As it looks like Spark is successfully connecting directly to the other user but then it must be failing somehow. Do you see anything in your Spark error logs? Also, could you describe your entire Wildfire network interface setup?