Duplicates in Spark Roster

I have had this before, but was hoping it would get fixed over time. Started seeing this in Openfire 3.5.8 and the problem persists. Currently at the latest version, 3.6.1 hosted on Fedora 9 x86. My client is Vista x64 Sp1 and using spark 2.6.0 beta 2, though the problem has persisted in all versions of spark I have tried. The issue only seems to be on my machine though, so it may be a 64 bit issue. No one using 32 bit workstations has mentioned the problem.

Basically, when I log into spark, everything is as it should be. But, if I leave spark running and leave the office for the night, when I come back in the morning, most of the names are duplicated. Log out, log back in, works fine again until I come back the next day, so not sure how long it takes.

It sounds like you have an issue where your client is not clearing users when they logout so when they come online again they get duplicated. Have other users on your system reported this as well? You could try purging the spark settings folder from your windows profile if you are the only user with this issue. Also check your server and spark logs for errors in regard to presence.

I am the only one on Vista x64 and the only one experiencing the issue. Xp users do not report this problem and Vista 32 bit users do not report this problem. Does anyone else sue Spark on Vista x64?

There was a bug in … i think it was 2.5.x or like that. And it has introduced such duplicate offline contacts in the roster. But it was fixed long time ago.

Here, i’ve found it http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SPARK-771 and my old thread http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/25473

Maybe the connection with server is lost while or maybe you computer goes to a stand by? Maybe others dont experience this because they don’t leave they PCs with Spark running for night

No, computer does not go to stand by and I am not losing network connection. Almost no one closes spark at night because they are on terminal servers and have spark running for days on end without closing it. Just me and the only difference I can find is I am running Vista x64. I do not experience this when I run it from my laptop and leave that on for a couple days which runs xp 32 bit.