Easier way to bookmark a conference

Is there an easier way to bookmark a conference in Spark?

I’m using spark 2.6.3 and currently the only way I see to create a bookmark is to find the conference in the room browser and right click. The problem is taht on the server I’m on the list of conferences is very long and it takes some time to load and sort through and find it.

So most of the time the use case works like this:

  1. I get invited to a conference room.

  2. After a few minutes in the room I decide I want to bookmark and auto-join the room.

  3. To bookmark I have to load the list of conferences in the room browser, sort the list, and find the chat to bookmark it.

Is this the only way to do it?

If only you could right-click on the room’s title bar to set a bookmark while in the original chat room, then setting a bookmark could be so much easier!


There is currently no easy option. I have filed your request as SPARK-1453 Also in the comment i have posted my thoughts on auto-join option.