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Echo / loopback

Does Wildfire have any sort of echo / loopback / auto test response capability?


A user logs in and sends a messages to echo@host and ideally gets a timestamped echo back of the message sent or some sort of test response.

This functionality would be helpful for new users, or users who want to satisfy for themselves that the server is working and responding quickly. While currently rolling it out to a corporate enterprise the feedback I am getting is “Install and connection were easy, but then I sent a message to X and got no response. I am not sure if he didn’'t get it, or just did not answer.” I have no reason to believe the server is not working correctly, and if they send me a test message while we’'re talking it works fine. The users just inherently seem to want to tap the microphone and say “is this thing on?”.



Hi Chris,

no it hasn’'t. Currently the offline message configuration “bounce” does not work (as reported here http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=119425 ) properly, otherwise this would be an option to use it.

One could use Smack to write a client, there may already be a client available which supports “bounce while away”.


Hey LG,

The bounce feature is working fine. That is/was a client issue as clarified in the thread.

Hey Chris,

There are a few things you can try out to see that things are working fine.

  1. Create a new account from a client

  2. Log in with the new account

  3. Check the server version (some clients support this feature)

  4. Create a new groupchat room (i.e. MUC room), configure it and send some messages

  5. Open a service discovery browser (F11 in Spark / Exodus) and browse


– Gato

This is missing the mark a bit. I know there are numerous ways to test functionality, this is’‘nt about a rational technical problem. It’‘s about giving the users warm fuzzy’‘s. Also it needs to be dead simple, like having the yahoo helper account to click on in a way. The feedback I’'m hearing repeatedly is that people want to send a message and get some response, to them this is the proof they need that the system is working.