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Eclipse Setup for plugin development

So I’m trying to get past one issue with my Eclipse setup.

I followed the instructions at




I created my plugin in the plugin directory and set it up, the plugin builds fine using the ant build scripts and runs fine. My only issue is that in Eclipse I get 2 constant errors.

First my package name gives me an error about:

“the declared package name com.superbomblabs … " does not match the expected package name plugins.heythere.src.java.com.superbomblabs …” So it wants me to add the entire path to the package name. I think this is related to my second issue that all of my import statements aren’t being resolved. This makes troubleshooting hard because it means all my types get screwed.

I think this is a build path issue but I can’t seem to get this to work correctly. My Current Java Build Path Source folders in Eclipse are



openfire/src/plugins/heythere (my plugin name)/src/java

Any suggestions would be appreciated since this tends to hinder my debugging.

Thanks in advance.

  • Mike