Edit Chat History

Maybe these are on the to do list, if they are then sorry I must have missed them when I looked, if they are not then this is a new feature request.

Possibly I am not alone in that when I type a chat message, read it to confirm it is what I intended to say, sometimes spell check it, then send it; immediately on pressing send (keyboard enter/return) I notice yet another spelling mistake or on occasion an important word missing.

It would be really useful to have 1) the ability to edit previous messages and 2) to have the ability to recall (rescind) or delete (rescind) your last message.

The ability to edit or delete previous messages would be very useful if this were possible for any message sent in the current connected session.

In addition it would be useful to have 3) the ability to use the keyboard up or down arrows in the chat text entry box to recall a previous message from the current session to allow edit before sending it again as a new message.

There is no such feature request and i don’t see it becoming a feature of Spark. I understand that this may look logical or useful for you, but in general this is a very unlogical thing for instant messaging service. Of course, Spark is Open Source, so anyone can create any plugin for his needs and make it work as needed. Though this one looks as a very complex feature.

By making a comparison with Skype, a product that many people consider a mainstream instant messaging system that includes 1), 2) and partial 3), it seems reasonable and possibly logical that these features are a worthwhile inclusion in any instant messaging system.

I might agree on many points. However, we are lacking dev ressources that are constantly moving the code. Feature requests are welcome. Developers too.

Personally, i don’t believe that mainstream products always should be an example for others, sometimes it is even an example of how things shouldn’t be done (e.g. browsers). Spark is often used as a client in companies and somehow i don’t think that administrators or execs would like for their users to have the ability to alter history. Usually companies need reliable history records to know who said what and when.