Edit Spark Status?


i’m searching for a possibility to change the default Status-Options of Spark, because i would like to edit the priority of them.

I would like to set, for example, “Online” to Priority 10, “DND” to 5, etc., because the priority-options of our mobile Users with IM+ is not working correctly.

I can set a priority in the settings (like 5), and if i disconnect and reconnect in IM+, the priority will be changed (i can see this under “Sessions” in OpenFire). But after the next reconnect, the priority is changed to 1. Then i have to change my status (for example, from Online to DND), and only after that, the configured priority takes effect.

Now i try to edit the priority of our spark-clients.

I can create new Status-Entries in Spark with other priorities - that work’s fine. But i will not create an “Online2” oder “DND2”-element.

Is it possible, maybe in an confiuration file, to change the default priority of the default status-elements?

I don’t know about any config file to do this. This request sounds similar to SPARK-982