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Editing display names - LDAP


We have recently switched to LDAP Openfire 4.2.3 Windows 10. Before we had Windows 7 non LDAP server. The current issue we are facing is that before when creating a user, we added the extension next to their name: John Smith x1234. Now that everything is synced via AD, we are not able to edit the usernames. We wouldn’t want to change the display names in AD as well. I’ve tried messing with Rosters but those change for each specific user. I’ve also tried messing with the Just Married plugin but no luck. I am inexperienced, but I was thinking to maybe create a user with a roster that I would want to display company wide and point all the accounts to that one roster. Not sure on how to do this, but if anyone would have any insight or a better solution please let me know. Thank you all

Hello, would anyone be able to help me out with this situation? Thank you.

within the vcard mappings, look for the 
tag <FN></FN>, 
in there you can drop in your AD attributes that you want to pull in.
 ie <FN>{displayName} {otherattribute}</FN>

Thank you for your response speedy. Would you happen to know which directory I can the vcard or the mapping? I’m sorry, I’m a beginner at this. Thank you

the mapping can be adjusted in the openfire system properties. I believe its ldap.vcard or something like that.