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Editing profile is not possible?

Hi there,

this morning i tried to update/edit my profile. The forms Location and Company arent yet filled with values - so i wanted to do this, but everytime i insert a specific value it occures an error (* please check below). The form are correctly filled with a value but i cant save it?

Anyone recognized this “issue”?

Thanks in advance!


I was just able to edit my location and company fields without any issues. Both are free form text fields with no set format.

Can you copy and paste the specific error you are receiving into a reply to this thread?


There we go:

X There was an error, please check below

At this time the only fields that filled are Username and E-Mail adress. Location and Company are not filled yet. But the form want to be filled - also marked with a red *

But even when i filled them the error occurs.


OK, I’ve found the problem. Usernames need to start with a letter. When I tried to update your information in the admin console, I received the following error:

Invalid username. Usernames must start with a letter. Allowed characters are A-Z, 0-9, _, @, - (dash), and .(dot).

Can you send me a preferred username? I should be able to get it changed for you.

The million dollar question is how you were able to create this username in the first place


Now thats funny.

I registered 12 Feb, 2007 - as far as i can remember there was an older version of this forum running or maybe the look was just different.

Now shall i really change my “unique” Username then?

I`ll send you a pm about that.


OK, you are all set. Since location / company are required fields now, I had to guess at yours You’ll want to update those fields, which hopefully should work just fine, now.

Alright, everything works fine!