Editing Spark

I am attempting (unsuccessfully) to edit spark. I want to brand it and have loaded eclipse and downloaded the source etc. It won’t build even before I make changes. I am wondering if I am downloading the wrong files but if I am I don’t really have a clue what to download. I am not a developer but all I need to do is change the way spark looks, not the actual functionality. I am not used to svn so maybe I am downloading the wrong files. Can someone direct me to a resource to look at or tell me which files I should have. I want whatever the most stable and recent version of spark is, which I thought was 2.5.8 . Since I have that version and have been using it that is the one I was trying to get. What folder should I download into eclipse and are there any changes I need to make in order to build. Just getting to the point where the normal spark builds would be a great help.

Thank you

What specifically are you looking to change? You could use other means to “build” a skinned version of spark. I use EMCO MSI builder to make my own windows distributions.

Well mainly just the looks, the icon, the name etc and color scheme. If I could change it to automatically use my domain and not allow users to change those type settings that would be great to. But I am mainly interested in simply skinning it. I am trying to skin both spark and sparkweb but am having trouble getting them both to build without errors before I change anything.

Check out the Build a Branded/Skinned Version of Spark document.

That is the page I was using as a guide for what changes to make, but the problem is getting it to compile properly before I make any changes. Before I make any changes I wanted to make sure that it would compile, I’m glad I did because it did not compile so unless it compiles properly before my edits, it will not compile properly after I edit. Also if I can make it compile “as is” and then make edits and it does not compile, I will know it was something I did that made it not compile. Thats my theory at least. I am probably doing something wrong like downloading the wrong version of the source or something but I am not sure what it is yet.

What about trying out Netbeans? I’m not a coder, but i havent any problems building Spark with Netbeans. http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1521

Thanks for the advice, I’ll see if I have better luck that way.