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Effective plugin debugging with maven


I have been developing a plugin with eclipse, maven and the maven-open-fire project for while now and it has been quite argious to compile and cp it to the plugins directory of openfire. So i went through the tutorial on how to get to debug plugins in openfire. http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1020. got openfire to debug in my eclipse workspace.

the tutorial doesnot mention how to develop a plugin in a seperate eclipse project and get that into debug mode. i need to have my plugin in a seperate project as it is checked into svn and shared with another developer.

so the question is how do i continue to develop with maven as a seperate eclipse project and have the ability to debug it? a series of setups on setting this would help.



Hi Tony,

even the oficial “Openfire Plugin Developer Guide” reads “Plugins live in the plugins directory of openfireHome”. So I develop plugins there and use a sync script to copy my plugins into another folder which I commit to my SVN server. So it’s a little bit more work to copy (unless you use a cron job to copy the sources every 5 minutes) the files.



Actually I have the same probleme.

I need to run an ant script to copy source file from a plugin project to the plugin project of the openfire poject in eclipse.

But in this case I can’t debug my plugin in eclipse. So it’s not the good way to do. Is it a solution to debug plugin in eclipse ?