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Email address as user ID

I want to use the email address as the logon ID.

More specific, I mapped user ID to an AD (ldap.usernameField maps to mail).

That works ok and I can logon to OpenFire by entering user1@company1.com as Username from Spark client. However, there are some problems.

  1. I can no longer logon from the Admin Console. My admin account/password doesn’t work any more (with or w/o @company1.com).

  2. Presence issue - user1@company1.com doesn’t receive presence message from other users.

  3. Subscription issue - use1@company1.com can’t subscribe to user1@company2.com

There is a link related to this but the workaround doesn’t work for me.

Any idea how to setup email address as logon ID? I am using the latest OpenFire (version 3.6.4).



I just found a solution to the Admin console logon problem.

Here are the steps:

a). Goto directly to the openFire database, locate the admin.authorizedJIDs entry in the ofProperty table.

b). Change the value to something like admin\40company1.com@domain.com (replace the email address @ sign with \40)

c). Restart openFire server and you should be able to logon with an email address similar to admin@company1.com