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Email as JID

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to set-up an Openfire installation with an OpenLDAP server.

This works fine except that in my LDAP schema some of the uid are email adresses.

Which doesn’t seem to work fine, as the ‘@’ of the JID seems to conflict with the ‘@’ of the email adress.

I’m looking for the best way to make this work and was wondering if there was a way in Openfire configuration to append, in some cases, a suffix to the login provided by the user before submitting it to the LDAP.

Exemple :

I have two users :

I’m looking if there is a way to have user1 and user2 only giving user1 and user2 as logins and have openfire append the @emaildomain.com to the LDAP server if needed.

I’ve tryied to play with LDAP filters in Openfire configuration but didn’t find any configuration that worked.

Anyone has managed to achieve a configuration like that ?

Best regards,