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Email error in 3.6.0a

I get this error message when trying to send a test email from the web console

See attached
error.txt (2669 Bytes)

I am also seeing the exact same error in 3.6.0 when attempting to send a test email.


Yeah, easy reproducer. I have filed a jira ticket on it:



I get the same exception thrown…

Hope u guys fix this soon.


This is triggered by system-emailtest.jsp*1 line 92 when no server admins have been set (“Grants admin access to Openfire” checkbox option from Admin Console -> Users/Groups -> Users -> User Properties). Simple source test for “is jids equals null” should prevent this from triggering java.lang.NullPointerException.

Use OPF Console and set “Grant admin access to Openfire” to at least one user identifier (typically user “admin”) will prevent this error and allow you to send test email. The associated bug report has also been updated. Hopefully someone will commit an update for this. Note this also applies to OPF 3.6.3 (latest stable).




*1 http://svn.igniterealtime.org/svn/repos/openfire/trunk/src/web/system-emailtest. jsp

91 // Set var defaults
*92 Collection jids = webManager.getXMPPServer().getAdmins();
93 User user = null;
94 if (!jids.isEmpty()) {
95 for (JID jid : jids) {
96 if (webManager.getXMPPServer().isLocal(jid)) {
97 user = webManager.getUserManager().getUser(jid.getNode());
98 if (user.getEmail() != null) { 99 break; 100 }
101 }
102 }
103 }

I closed OF-94 on this issue as won’t fix. Is this edge case necessary to account for?