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Email Listener (Openfire)

First of all, thanks! I had need for a plugin just like this and I see it’s only a few days old!

If the author(s) are reading, maybe down the road we could have a little more control over how the Jabber messages that are sent look.

For example, I don’t need to see “A new email has been received” for the IM (and for some reason for each email I get two of these). You could have options to display the sender, subject, body, or other email headers.

Oh, and giving it the ability to delete email it has already sent would be a bonus. I envision using a unique email account for this plugin to send notices to. As such, a human will never be logging into it unless it is to clear out the old messages in the Inbox.

Also, waaaaaay down the road it might be nice to define mutiple email addresses to check so that different accounts can be monitored and different combinations of users notified based on them. I have no need for something that complex, but I can see where others might.

I agree thanks to the creator of this plugin.

I would also like to see multiple accounts, an option to remove the email and lower on priority some customisation of the text. but overall great job.

As it’s not a Community plugin (JM-402), maybe it’s better to post in Openfire Support forum.