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Email Listener Plugin 1.0.0 : Can't remove plugin via admin console

Running Openfire 3.4.5 on CentOS 5 (64bit) with Email Listener Plugin 1.0.0 installed, I cannot remove the plugin via the admin console.

If I try, the admin console tells me “Plugin deleted successfully.”, but in the Openfire debug.log I see this:

2008.03.09 09:00:29 PluginManager: Unloading plugin emaillistener

2008.03.09 09:00:30 PluginManager: Loading plugin emaillistener

2008.03.09 09:00:50 PluginManager: Extracting plugin: emaillistener

And the plugin is still running. The only way I was able to uninstall it was by removing the plugin’s .jar file and directory via SSH and restarting Openfire.

I have replicated the issue on another server which is running Openfire 3.5.0 RC1. So in both cases Openfire 3.4.5 or Openfire 3.5.0 RC1, when I try to remove this plugin via the web interface, it pretends to do it, but then reloads the plugin in the background.

Can we get this logged as a bug, please ?

Howdy, this is “sort of” a bug. =/ The problem is this… and yes it’s a lame one.

emailListener.jar is what you upload

when it extracts itself, it creates emaillistener, the directory

the server knows of and extras emaillistener

when you delete the plugin, it unloads the plugin and deletes the emaillistener directory

but it can’t find emaillistener.jar and moves on, assuming it’s already gone

then next time it does an auto-reload, emailListener.jar is there

it reextracts and the process restarts


So it’s more a matter of the plugin file being named wrong. (sigh) The same thing occurs with contentFilter.jar.

I had this on my list but it looks like I never created an issue for it. JM-1303