EMail notification for private messages

For some reason I do not longer get an email notification for private messages. Where is the option to activate this feature again?


Edit: I get notifications for discussions or document comments, but not for private messages.

I don’t think there is a setting, i think it automatically happens, i checked the user control panel and there seems no option. Try updating your email again perhaps? Not entirely sure.

There is definitely no setting for private message emails that you can adjust. If you are not getting them it could be an issue with your profile or (more likely) is that for some reason the emails are being trapped by a junk mail filter/ spam filter somewhere.

No, its not a spam filter problem. forums (at] is on my whitelist and I get other mails from this address (notifications for threads, comments and so on).

On the flip side, is there any way to* disable *email notifications on private messages? I’m not finding this option.


Unfortunately, there is no per user option to disable pm email notifications. I can only disable them for the whole system (Jive SBS), which is not an option as i believe many users will need that (including myself).