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Email setting on openfire

You can only use it to send a test mail out of the box It is minimal, but it is designed for developers to be able to use it. E.g. make a client to send a special packet to Openfire and Openfire then wil lsend it through this email gateway like an email. But one will have to develop a plugin to use this.

so, can i use thunderbird and incredimail for clients email?

do you have the tutorial for setting up the server?

hi wroot,



how can i login into those websites…they are very strange,i can’t login

No, Openfire is not an email server. This page in Admin Console can only send a single email via specifyied SMTP server. It is just a simple sendmail script.

Think of it like the abilty to email alerts or logs to an admin.

Some plugins use this ability, others do not. Openfire by itself won’t ever send you an email. So unless you are developing a plugin, or use a plugin that makes use of sending alerts, then you probably don’t need to worry about this setting in Openfire.

it means that, no one developes plugins for using openfire as an email of server?

@wroot : what do you mean This page in Admin Console can only send a single email via specifyied SMTP server?? can you give me the example of that?

I try to write as simple as i can. I think your English is not good enough to understand our responses, but we can’t help here…

Noone in their good mind will ever work on a plugin to make Openfire an email server. There is no reason for that. Openfire is a realtime communication server (chat). If you want email server - you install email server (like Postfix, etc.). You don’t add email server to some completely different software. E.g. probably you don’t want also to be able to edit documents or create presentantions with Openfire

Example… In Admin Console Email Settings put your internet provider’s SMTP address, login/password if your SMTP requires authentication, press Send test email… Enter there destination address, subject, body. Press Send. Your destination address will receive this email. That’s it.

In theory, you can create a plugin for Openfire, which will intercept every chat message and send them via this element to email addresses (say for saving chat history in email) or you can only send offline messages to email addresses. Just two examples. Can be more usage cases.

Zimbra happens to be my mail server of choice, albeit it’s a bit “heavy” and packs a lot more than just email capabilities.

It’s pure Java (nice!), and is very customizable. The Free version is good enough for most uses, unless you have special needs or need more enterprise-y features.

jason : do you have tutorial how to set up zimbra as email of server?? i can’t resolve the problem that appear on my incredimail, my incrdimail can’t receive email but it can send email.

i have used microsoft outlook,thunderbird…both of them couldn’t resolved the error, i thought that it was due to windows server 2000 ( pop3).

an example of this was : i had 5 clients… A,B,C,D,E , if B client couldn’t send email i should delete it and added client B again,

Jason can give you a tutorial, if he wish. But just a reminder (again). This site is not for general help. We only support Openfire, Spark and other stuff available at igniterealtime.org.

Wroot is right, you are best off following up on the Zimbra forums for help with that product.


wroot : i can’t login to igniterealtime.org…would u mind telling me why?

What do you mean? Are you trying to login with Spark? Yo uahve to create new account on igniterealtime.org Openfire server. It won’t login with your forums user.

Hello wroot,
Thanx for your description. but wen I’m send test message I can’t receive it in my mail.

Test message works for me. Maybe your SMTP configuration is wrong or your mail server is not allowing such sending or maybe your spam filter is blocking such emails.

I’m use SMTP configuration same of our description .
It say “massage was send successfully” , but I don’t receive massage in my email.

Are you chick your email after sent test message ???

Of course i have checked and i have received email every time i have tested. If it says that sending was successful, then it looks like your SMTP settings are ok. Then i would suggest to check your spam folder/spam quarantine and other filtering settings of your email. Also make sure you are checking mailbox of the address you have specified in the To field on the send page.

I would also suggest to use same email address for From/To fields as you have provided in the login field of your SMTP settings.

Good morning wroot,
It’s work successful , thanx u so much.

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