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Email Settings -- Office365

We are unable to successfully configure OpenFire with the (SMTP) email settings, for our Office365 domain. When we attempt to send a test email, we get the following error message:

Sending the message failed. Please verify that your host and port settings are correct. (Message: Exception reading response)

Here are the settings that we are using:
Host: outlook.office365.com
Port: 587
Username: email_here@sau19.org
PW: password for this mailbox
Use SSL: yes

We require “TLS/STARTTLS” encryption, but this setting is not present in the web GUI.

Openfire’s SMTP configuration is too simple for Office 365. There is no GUI for encryption as it is not supported by that option. I would suggest setting up your internal SMTP server and connect it to Office 365 as a SMTP-Relay option authenticating with a certificate (say this can be done with Windows IIS and SMTP role). 3d option https://support.office.com/en-us/article/How-to-set-up-a-multifunction-device-or-application-to-send-email-using-Office-365-69f58e99-c550-4274-ad18-c805d654b4c4 Then you can point Openfire and all other internal apps/services to that internal SMTP and it will do the sending through Office 365. You won’t need email boxes for that and it will use an encryption.

Here’s a guide we used for Windows-IIS based setup http://www.expta.com/2013/10/how-to-configure-internal-smtp-relay.html

this "might not be too hard to add…im looking at the code in the emailservice provider, and I think its something that I might be able to hack…no promises as im not a dev.