Email vcard mapping

I’‘m having a little trouble with getting the email address mapped into my vcard entries. I’'m guessing my fields are wrong?

My current vcard-mapping…:

<vcard-mapping> <![CDATA[

<vCard xmlns=’‘vcard-temp’’>


<GIVEN attrs=“givenName”></GIVEN>
<MIDDLE attrs=“initials”></MIDDLE>

<FAMILY attrs=“sn”></FAMILY>
<NICKNAME attrs=“displayName”></NICKNAME>



<LOCALITY attrs=“physicalDeliveryOfficeName”></LOCALITY>
<CTRY attrs=“co”></CTRY>





<NUMBER attrs=“telephoneNumber”></NUMBER>
<NUMBER attrs=“mobile”></NUMBER>





<USERID attrs=“mail”></USERID>
<TITLE attrs=“title”></TITLE>


<ORGNAME attrs=“company”></ORGNAME>




]]> </vcard-mapping>

Everything else works. Everything except for ‘‘mail’’. What do I need to change my mapping to for email? thanks a bunch

an update… I would still like to know more ‘‘universal’’ vcard mapping entries

Gaim, Spark and Pandion all show different info.

*Gaim just lists vcard info in one pane. both the cell phone number and work phone number are just labeled as ‘‘Telephone:’’ and email is labeled as ‘‘E-Mail:’’.

*Spark doesn’'t list email at all. (using current mappings)

*Pandion lists email under the main ‘‘personal information’’ pane, but not under the ‘‘business’’ pane, even though my config file is mapped like

Any ideas??

My vCard mappings are set up much like the ones you posted and I still can’'t get much showing. I had the address info all showing up when I had
<MIDDLE attrs"initials">

uid: home: shell:


Edit: as of right now, I’'m getting NOTHING anymore. At one point I was getting the phone extension number and business address, but the business address was on the home page. Is my file completely b0rked somehow?

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Is there a document anywhere online detailing what vCard fields Spark displays in the profile?


And the lastest version of Spark, version 2.0.2. The email address is populated properly.