Embedded-db-viewer won't run on fastpath install

When trying to install the new fastpath plugin (I had a trial of enterprise before; I have had fastpath installed before) I was following the instructions in the readme. When I try to run the embedded-db-viewer it just fails with errors. It seems that the hsql module isn’t being loaded by the script as it should be. Any help would be appreciated.

I could move the db to mysql i guess…

Ideas and recommendations welcome.


the embedded-db-viewer should run without problems as long as Openfire is not running. It has nothing to do with fastpath. If hsqldb.jar is not in the class path you may want to modify the start script.

As the embedded database is a simple text file you could also view it with a normal editor if you are interested only in displaying a few values.

Are you using Win/Linux and which is the error you get?