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Emotes and User icons

Not that important. But before I get too involved with trying to resign the jar’'s. Im trying to add more emotes to the spark.jar. Will the client pick these up and add them to the list? Or are they hard coded?

Also, Im looking for a way to change the IT admins icons in the groupchat. I have a groups of users assigned to always be server admins. But I would like to leave the channel icon(Blue Cop) alone. Once again no big deal

Hi Stan,

I assume that you want to read the “Spark End User License Agreement” before posting such questions. I will not, and will not permit others to … decompile, … modify, or create derivative works from the Licensed Products.[/b]

Actually the current license does not allow such changes, being a $0 product this is acceptable. Of course it would be great if a customization feature would also be added. Spark should become the best XMPP client ever, so it seems to be a matter of time when one is allowed to do so.

Anyhow it is possible to modify these icons, jivesoftware.com will do this if you offer them some peanuts

Maybe Matt can say something official about it?


Well didnt mean to break any license agreements, but a jar is just a zip of directories and files. Wouldnt be any diffrent if nothing was in jar’'s and the folders and images were spread throughout the spark directory.

On that note… how about a folder in the spark directory that the client looks into for extra emotes. A plugin or somthing to add them wouldnt work in my case, i have the client being deployed from a network share.

Another simple addon I would like to see is a seperate moderator/admin icon for server admins. IE: users that have access to the admin consol.

Mabey a pig w/ a pink hat and pimp cane?

Hi Flogger,

I’'m thinking of just rewriting the emoticon feature to be “pluggable”. i.e. just allows users to point to emoticon jars/directories with a emoticon.xml file in it to define each of the ''cons.


That would be very helpful. I’'m experiencing resistance to Spark specifically because of the limited and non-customizable emoticons…

resistance to Spark

sounds serious yeah, some people at our organization complains that Exodus has not many icons. This is all because of that MSN/YAHOO/ICQ “pretty” stuff. Only distracting people and making them to play with their IM rather than work.

this was an offtop i think making emoticons configurable/extendable is a good feature after all

Hi Oleg,

that’'s probably one thing a company should be able to decide. In my opinion Spark has already too much icons, one may spend some time to chose one - many users will spend even more time and probably use them to “play” silly games.

http://tkabber.jabberstudio.org/emoticons/ has a nice xml file which defines the mapping like this:


Maybe such a mapping and an external file (jar instead of bz2) may be used by Spark in the near future.


And Exodus has a whole bunch of 59 emoticons. Horrible I personally use ~5 icons probably. But there were no special requirements about emoticons when i was testing clients. In overall Exodus is a great client for us.

BTW, i have noticed that if i put some emoticons in chat and then close chat window, when i reopen that chat there is no text history shown, but all emoticons are showing, “flying” in chat in their places.

We customised emoticons for business purposes: some decisions have to be reached quickly and we use an extended set of “traffic lights” for this purpose. Currently, we use Psi as it has the ability to customise icons and to run on Solaris (another requirement). Customisable emoticons for Spark would be a real boon for us.

Hi Earthspike,

Spark does run on solaris ;). However, there are no plans at this time for the emoticon pack, at least not yet. I would think someone in the community might want to try their hand at it.



Glad to see there is some support for this. Plus the ability to add, will also give the ability to take some away for those that think there are too many.

I would be willing to try my hand at writing a SparkPlug to handle custom emoticons; however, in looking at the API documentation, it’'s a little lacking in that department.

Is there any chance it could be updated with a little more detail on emoticon handling?


Timothy Collett

However, there are no plans at this time for the emotion pack, at least not yet.

I would think someone in the community might want to try their hand at it.

Hi Derek,

I would write a guide how to create an emotion pack and release it, but I think that this would currently be a license violation. Any plans to change your license?


Hi LG,

There really shouldn’‘t be an issue in you doing that. However, I’'m thinking of extendeding the base API to allow for pluggable emoticon packs. See SPARK-235. This will just make everyones life easier



Beautiful. Thanks!