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Emoticons not properly displayed

I’'m currently testing Wildfire 2.5.1 (latest at this point) and Spark 1.1.3 (latest as well.)

If a space is not inserted before selecting an emoticon, it will not be displayed properly.

Case in point:

Doesn’'t work - hey!:slight_smile:

Works fine - hey!

I searched the threads and didn’'t find any relevant posts.

Thanks for your time!!


I think this is the intended behaviour, to work only with spaces. But, when selecting emoticons from emoticons list it then should add spaces automaticly.


you may vote for SPARK-235 (Emotes and User icons /url) if you want some other / better emotions support.

@ Oleg: I’'m a little bit disappointed that you did not post the Spark issue (;


I dont think this issue is related to the “problem” disscussed here. It is the program reqiures a space before emoticon, not the emoticons.