Why did you guys change the emoticons from .gif format to .png in the latest builds? Bad move guys. At least until more support for png is apparent. It’'s just a “strange” format still, so using it will be difficult for now.



I don’‘t know of anything modern that doesn’‘t work with PNG. It’'s a mature, stable, and well-supported format.

Timothy Collett


I could imagine that it was a license issue, gif is not a free format while png is usually smaller, supports more colors, alpha-transparency and the one thing I really like: no animations for emotions.


On June 20, 2003, the United States patent on the LZW algorithm expired, which means that Unisys can no longer collect royalties for use of the GIF format in that country. Those bothered by the patent enforcement dubbed this day GIF Liberation Day. The equivalent patents in Europe and Japan expired on June 18 and June 20, 2004 respectively, with the Canadian patent following on July 7.

That said png is so much more efficient and feature rich than gif, whose only unique feature is animation!

sigh - I remember people calling png “non standard” back in 1998 when it first became popular.

Come on people, its so common now, that even Internet Explorer will fully implement it in version 7

OK, I guess I cede this argument. Feature wize, png is much better. Only if some of those features can be used in Spark though…