Empty offline message store

Is it possible to empty the offline message store? I cant find the file they are recorded in


Do you mean at the client side or server side ? if server, what DB are you using, embedded or MySQL, Oracle etc. If client, I only know about Exodus.

Hey d9,

Offline messages are stored in the jiveOffline table. Before emptying that table you will need to stop the server. Clean up the table and then restart the server.


– Gato

the server side, using Wildfire

It states the current store is 2mb, yet i cant find any fle over 1.5mb in the entire server directory

Im using the embedded database

things have gone strange, i cant login to admin anymore!!!

cant find a jiveuser file (to check the admin password) or jiveoffline to delete offline messages!

— fixed this by editing the wildfire setup to false, then reset everything up again

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i just went into the wildfire SCRIPT file and deleted all the “insert into jiveoffline” statements, now offline storage is at 0.00mb

and the server restarted ok again - so looks ok, i hope

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