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Empty user info from OpenFire server

Hi all.

I’m using OpenFire server 3.9.3

I try to see user profile from contact list at Spark client. But there are empty values for all fields in user info.

Also I receive empty VCard from server when perform request programmatically via Smack SDK.

Is there some settings should be turned on for retreiving full user info from OpenFire server?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sir:
The same issue I have met. I receive empty vcard when I try to load by jid via Smack. And all user are created by admin web page.

But I can get the vcard info if the target friend which is created by Spark or change their user information by Spark.

Do you resolve this problem later, could you give me some suggestion if you resolved it, thanks ~

Openfire is not setting a vCard i think when you create a user via web console.