Enable Autoloading of Contacts in Spark?

I am fairly new to Spark. I have the OpenFire server installed on our windows server and have added several users using the open fire internal database configuration.
Is there a way to have all the users load for all Spark users? This way I don’t need to have each employee add each other employee to the client

I’m decently new to Spark myself, but I had the same question and stumbled across an answer that worked for me!.

On the Spark Admin Client, login as Admin and go to Users/Groups, go to Groups, Create a Group. Once your group is created you can add people to it by clicking the new Group’s name on the Groups tab and make sure you select Enable contact list group sharing and check Share group with additional users then radio button for all users.

That should make it so everyone’s groups are populated with all group members. We have two groups IT and Staff and under my IT group I added Staff to the group to share with and vice versa on the Staff group, so far so good!

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