Enable Avatars on 3.5.1

I have avatars working correctly on 3.4.5 Im pretty sure I had to change ldap.override.avatar from false to true.

This is a new install on a new server and the ldap.override.avatar appears to be set to true by default with 3.5.1. However when a user enables an avatar within the Spark 2.5.8 client an error is spit stating that vcards are not enabled on the server. Restarting the spark client the avatar then shows up on the users local client, but other users do not see the avatar beside the users name in their friends list.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Any help would be greatly appreciated on this. Im sure Im missing something simple just not sure what though.

Nevermind…Im just plain silly ! On both instances of the clients with the problems they both were fresh client installs as well…as such the option ‘show avatars in the contact list’ was not checked off.