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Enable/Disable Typing Notification?

I did a fresh install of Spark 2.5.1, and there are no typing notifications given when the person you are chatting with is typing a message. Is there a way to enable this feature?

What client does the other person use? Notifications appears after 2 messages has been exchanged between peers.

Thanks for your reply wr00t. I have tried this with various clients: Gaim, PSI, as well as another Spark client. You were right, Spark does register typing notifications after a few messages have been sent - thanks! I didn’'t notice it before, as I was mostly trying Spark with other clients. Spark can never seem to register typing notifications when sent from Gaim. Is there a solution to this, or should I just be happy with what I got?


The problem is that every client is doing it on its own way. And i cant know which is doing it right (i hope Spark does). In this thread i have mentioned few issues i’'ve noticed


Yes. Psi is reacting on GTalk typing packets, as well as Spark’'s and Exodus ones. But Spark and Exodus are ignoring Psi. And Exodus is not sending typing ending packets.

Thanks for your help. It’‘d be nice if Spark worked better with other clients. I’‘m not sure if there is a correct or an incorrect way of sending typing notification packets, but I would tend to think that Spark isn’‘t sending this information in the most popular fashion, as other chat clients don’'t seem to have the same trouble interacting with each other. Anyway, thanks again!

We are seeing the same thing. When chatting between 2 Spark 2.5.1 clients we get no typing notifications no matter how many messages we send back and forth.

One thing we noticed was that the typing notification wasn’‘t where the screenshots have you think it is! On the buddy list and on the the chat window itself there’'s a little round green icon. This changes when the other person is chatting. Well, it should.

as AwoL already mentioned, maybe you are expecting something else. Popups? It’'s only indicated by changing presence bubble icon with chat icon crossed with a pencil.

Aha! I see it. Thanks!