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Enable fastpath on both 80/443 ports


How do i get fastpath work on both ports, what i mean is in websites usually having http/https is not good since it usuall pops up questions for the user with mix contents. i changed the settings on jivelive.jsp (urls) to https but still when i goto my page and click on the chat image it still points into http.

openfire settings

management http : 80

management https : 443


See Apache22 ProxyPass configuration.


Many thanks for the reply, My issue is not using ProxyPass. For example

I have a domain call a.com and visitors goto


my openfire is installed on http://www.b.com/webchat

i have the code in the page which shows livehelp is online. when user click on the image it goes to

http://www.b.com/webchat/… and it works absolutely fine.

Now what i need to do is set it up in a way when user click on the link it goes to https://www.b.com/webchat/

I tried to change the code (js codes) within the plugin folder and change the call script to goto https instead of http but again its pointing to http