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Encrypted messages with openfire

Greetings everyone !

First of all, sorry for my english. I’m not fluent

So, I have some issues with my openfire.

Here is my architecture :

|------Internal------| |------DMZ------| |------External------|

Openfire CManager Users

Users are connected on my openfire through the Connection manager. Everything works fine so far.

I ran Wireshark on server to see the traffic. And i realized that all users’ messages could be seen clearly. There are not crypted.

So my question is, what i have to do to make the messages crypted ?

Thanks in advance.


Anyone ?

Why are you using connection managers?.

They were designed for the old version of Openfire that did not use Java NIO. Openfire can scale up to 4000 users out of the box and up to 200,000 if cache is configued properly

Users come only from the Internet.

In order to protect openfire server, we need a proxy in DMZ to make the connection between users and server.

And i thought connection manager was a good way to do this.

I tried with Apache, but didn’t work.

Any ideas ?

I am not sure I understand why you need a proxy in front of your Openfire server. What exactly are you protecting it from? A denial of service attack (DOS)?

Are you not allowing federation with other domains like google.com and other organisations??

XMPP servers are not like web servers. No internet user should use your server without authentication over an encrypted TLS connection. If the authentication fails or the connection becomes idle later on, Openfire will automatically disconnect the TCP connection.

We want to protect our Openfire server from intrusion or sniffing.

Federation are not allowed.

Users will use Spark or Pandion for instance.

In fact, we have an application plateform accessible through the web for our users. And we want to include a collaboration server (openfire).

The plateform is extremly secured and i have no choice but to use a proxy. Users will reach the proxy in the DMZ and it will make the connection with Openfire server in the internal.

Like i said before, i used Wireshark to take a look at the traffic. And i could see all messages. And we don’t want that. Is there any solution to encrypt messages ?

I hope i made myself clear.

And thank for your help.

You have not answered the question of why you are treating a persistent XMPP connection like multiple HTTP requests/responses, but it does not matter

According to the source code, if your client requests for a secure session, then the connection manager passes the request back to Openfire. It is not limiting or restricting security. It queries Openfire for the security policy to use. If it is optional, then the client must request for TLS.

I suggest you force TLS for all connections in Openfire itself.

To second that, you can force message encryption policy in the Security settings in the Admin Console.