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Enforce Chat History?

Is there any way to enforce chat history on spark/OpenFire, or at least hide the ‘disable chat History’ checkbox on the client? Right now, if I go into ‘client management’ on the server and disable History Settings, all history stops. I need to be able to keep history going but remove the obvious way for a client to turn it off or clear it. Thanks!

It looks like in the recent update to Client Control both hiding the settings and disabling the history settings were tied together. I have asked the patch contributor to explain what was the intention (if he remembers or if he is around even). It was long time go. Maybe it was the intended change and then the setting should be named better. Anyway, it looks that currently there is no way to enforce that in the latest Spark version.

That’s very disappointing. I may need to find a different client as my office is requiring me to maintain a record of all IM’s for the entire office. Thanks for the reply…

you may want to look at the monitor plugin. it has the option to log all the chats to the servers database.

It appears that if the client turns off history, the monitor plugin no longer records the contents of the conversation.

You may be confused…the monitoring plugin is a server side plug in. not a client. it can store conversations regardless of client.

Ignite Realtime: Openfire Plugins

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Got it! When I tested earlier today I didn’t wait long enough for the message to archive serverside. I see it now. Thanks!

If you have a requirement to save chat records, then relying on client side settings is nit sufficient. Computers disk can fail, user can delete history files manually. Speedy’s advise to use monitoring plugin is fitting this case.

I believe messages appear when both users close their chat windows (the chat session is over).